Create a new Voxet by resampling an existing Voxet

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The command used to obtain a voxet resampled from another, only allows you to create coarser resolution cubes. To the contrary, for cubes with thinner resolution, we need to do some calculation about data spacing, final desired length, etc.

This macro allows a very simple way to create a voxet with the desired resolution without doing any math. Only select the desired sampling and the new voxet is ready to use.

It has two options to create the resampled voxet:
1) Keeping the original cage geometry (data spacing might be slightly altered (ex: 49.99m 49.98m 10.05m) to fit the cage extension) or
2) Keeping the exact resolution defined by the user (the cage might be slightly cut or extended to fit the new resolution).

The user can select to copy properties from original voxet or left it blank, creating only the new voxet geometry.