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    Macros enhance the automation and flexibility of SKUA-GOCAD. Users can create custom workflows to reduce the time normally spent performing repetitive tasks, develop new functionalities, or try out new ideas to solve technical challenges.

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  • Welcome to the

    Emerson App Exchange

    The Emerson App Exchange aims at maximizing the value of your Emerson E&P software through product customization and collaboration.  Maintain your competitive edge by sharing your innovations with your peers, while benefiting from their developments.

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    Geolog Apps

    Many of our customers have created innovative and effective Apps that help them maximize the value of their Geolog software. As a Geolog user, you can easily expand your workflows using solutions developed by your peers while sharing your own innovations.

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    As part of our tradition of openness, collaboration and knowledge sharing, please submit your Apps to the Emerson App Exchange, for sharing with your fellow users.

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The Application Library

Click here to see the available Apps.


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