Performance Monitoring in Macros

This macro gives an example of performance monitoring for one or several commands in a macro.
While the macro run, the time and memory consumption is measured and written in a csv file, which can be used for analysis and creating graphs.

This macro uses commands available in P18p1.

Developed by Paradigm

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Initialize Grid Regions from Facies

This macro initializes regions from Facies property on Voxets, SGrids or GeologicGrids.

Using the rock classification assigned to the facies property as a guide, the user may decide to create all regions, a single region, or a region given by an interval. Additionally, the user can choose two output formats for the region's name. The macro has been designed for SKUA-GOCAD 17 and the option to define regions from a discrete property, creating a dynamic region for each classification element is now available in SKUA-GOCAD 18.


Developed by Humberto BOVOLENTA

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Model QC: Compare 3D grid properties average with the well logs average in the hydrocarbon zones

This macro is aimed at helping the geomodeller QC his model by generating a table reporting:

  • the logs average in the hydrocarbon bearing region
  • the 3D grid properties average in the hydrocarbon bearing region
    The geomodeller can therefore easily make sure that the 3D model captures the wells observation.


Developed by Aurore PLOUGOULEN

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Create Fault List by Polygon

This macro creates a list of faults (sticks or surfaces) contained in a closed polygon.

Macro variables
Object faults: Select all fault sticks, outlines or surfaces to be analyzed.
Curve polygon: Select the closed polygon.
List name: Type a name for the list.
List object type: Select PLine for sticks and outlines or Surface for fault surfaces.
Threshold: Minimum percentage of nodes for a fault to be included in the list (0-100%). Ex: As default, the threshold is 50%, i.e., if at least 50% percent of fault nodes are inside the polygon, it will be added to the list.

Developed by Humberto Bovolenta

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Calculate Fault Capillary Entry Pressure

This macro calculates Fault Seal Analysis parameters (Juxtaposition, SGR, WSGR) and Fault Capillary Entry Pressure.

Note: The fault gridded surfaces must be created prior to running this macro: GeologicGrid command > Faults > Create Fault Property Grid.

Developed by Aurore Plougoulen

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