Initialize Regions From Geologic Features

This macro creates regions defined by several geologic features.  To define a surface as a geological feature, use the 'Assign Geologic Feature' from the Tools menu.

The regions are created following the sequence defined by the user on the "Horizon Features" variable.

Developed by Humberto Bovolenta

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Correlation Coefficient Computation

This macro computes the correlation coefficient of selected properties on a selected object.
The results are output in a file (created in the default working folder) and in a table (available in Resources).
2D crossplot pictures are added to the Results tab.

Developed by Paradigm

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This macro allows the user to:
-  Create a model3D from a SKUA model
-  Remesh the model3D, either from a Voxet resolution property or at constant resolution
-  Recreate a model3d with double-sided faults (optional)
-  Create a LightTSolid from a model3D
-  Export the LightTSolid to Abaqus and/or ASCII (optional)

Developed by Paradigm

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New Surfaces from Surface Parts

Decompose a surface with multiple parts into new surfaces, one for each surface part.

Developed by Paradigm

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3D Model from Cross-sections

Propagate interpretations done on a cross-section in 3D to create input for 3D structural modeling.

Developed by Paradigm

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